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Malaysian Females Warned to Be Careful As Robbers Luring Victims Out With Fake Distress Calls



Robbers Lure Female Victims Out With Fake Distress Call Before Hijacking Their Cars - World Of Buzz
Source: Sin Chew
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Recently, a popular Facebook group among Kelantanese known as Boy Kelantan, shared a new robbery tactic on their page. And it has gotten netizens worried for their safety.

Here’s what happened to the victim.

“A teacher working at a dance studio received an unknown call saying that the studio was on fire. The teacher immediately rushed to the scene after getting the call.”

“However, the victim noticed a car following her from behind as she was reaching the studio. And true enough, the teacher’s car was hijacked upon opening the door.”

 - World Of Buzz

Source: Sinchew

Moreover, this new tactic also exploits Malaysian’s kindness as it is used to bait the victim to come down from her office.

According to Sin Chew, a lady who is an art teacher, received a similar call recently. To gain the trust of the victim, the caller claimed to be a local and even lied about selling chicken chop in Kebun Sultan, Kelantan!

But when asked about which restaurant he worked at, he couldn’t name one, and he kept saying that it’s nearby her office. The lady said:

“Just by listening to his accent, I already knew something was wrong. He said his workers got into an accident and needed my help urgently. But I didn’t believe him.”

Desperate to find out how the culprits got the phone numbers, the admin of Boy Kelantan, Ho, together with an assemblyman from MCA, Chuah, took the initiative to look into the matter.

Source: Sinchew

They suspected that the callers must have acquired the phone numbers through the signboards of the shops.

Source: Sinchew

Besides that, they also believe that these culprits are specifically targeting women who work till very late at night, as it’s quite a common scene around the neighbourhood. In addition, the lack of street lamps only makes it easier for the robbers!

So ladies, be aware of such phony calls and don’t fall prey to this new tactic! 


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Robbers Get Phone Numbers Through Signboards to Lure Vic - World Of Buzz

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