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Roasted ‘Lizard Rice Bowls’ are Very Popular In Indonesia & Netizens are Grossed Out!



'Gecko Rice Bowls' are Hugely Popular In Vietnam, and Netizens are Grossed Out! - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Indonesia is home to some of the most unique and exciting cuisines in the world.

But you’re not going to find anything worthwhile if you just stick to your regular 5-star holiday package. No, you’ve got to step out of your comfort zone and into the streets of Indonesia and live and eat like a local.

Bakso and soto might be fan favourites, but have you tried Lizard rice bowls?

Bon Appétit!

If these photos have already invaded your social media feeds, you have Viral Cham, Malaysian Chinese viral news site to thank.

Their Facebook post writes, “Netizens can’t accept that the Vietnamese use roasted lizards to make such bizarre food like the ‘Lizard rice bowl’. Whoever has a lot of lizards at home, maybe you’ll earn heaps if you sell them to Vietnam!”

An excellent proposition.

However, the images actually come from a village in Indonesia called Kapetakan in West Java. The geckos caught there are sold at approximately RM10 per kilogram when caught, and then are sold to consumers after being cleaned and packed at about RM70 for a pack of 10.

While you mull over becoming a lizard farmer/supplier, have a look at how the lizards are packaged, sold and cooked in Indonesia!

What do you think? Perhaps the next time your cat brings a dead lizard home, you might want to thank them for dinner instead of scolding them.


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