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Road Bully Spotted in Mid Valley, Genius Victim Turns Dash Cam Footage into Movie



Road Bully Spotted in Mid Valley, Genius Victim Turns Dash Cam Footage into a Movie - World Of Buzz
Source: Facebook
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A road rage starter pack typically consists of a hooligan who thinks his grandfather owns the road, and would get all worked up if the victim starts recording the scene with their smartphone. However, this road bully is a bit different.

Just yesterday, a hilarious video was uploaded on Facebook and it went super viral. Netizens were irked by the road bully’s face but at the same time, amazed by the amount of editing that went into the video.

Apparently the uploader edited the dash cam footage into a short movie, which also included fast forward scenes, close-up shots and even a hilarious ‘boom’ sign. Also worthy of a mention is the adrenaline-pumping sound effects played in the background!

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

The road rage took place at the ring road around Mid Valley on 2 January 2017 according to the video. Based on the dash cam footage, a dark blue Perodua Axia had abruptly cut in front of the victim without putting on his indicator. Both cars nearly collided, which sparked the drama.

The road bully then showed this ‘adorable’ face with his tongue sticking out when the victim pulled up beside him.

Source: Facebook

Okay enough spoilers, here’s the movie. Get your popcorn ready guys.

After this video went incredibly viral, netizens soon had divided thoughts about the video. Some were annoyed by the bully’s face and his foul behaviour. “He looked like he’s on drugs. Please make a police report since you already have his license plate,” a netizen commented.

However, there were a few other netizens who saw things from a different perspective. “Did the victim do something wrong in the first place? It seems to me that the bully purposely cut in front of the victim to stop him/her. We should hear the story from both sides,” another netizen commented.

Regardless, kudos to the video editor who managed to turn a road rage incident into an entertaining video for us netizens. Let’s hope this guy doesn’t get turned into a meme, like what happened to our kakak selipar terbang. 


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