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“RM180 For Top, RM200 For Bottom,” Funny M’sian Landlord Offers Rent Price Depending On Bunk Bed



Funny Owner Rented A Room With Different Prices Depending On Which Part Of The Bunk Bed That You Choose - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter
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Before this, we came across the story of how a house was trashed by a filthy tenant. Landlords of rented properties often times have to cope with the bizarre behaviour of their tenants, and sometimes the result is definitely not pretty!

But that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t apply vice versa.

A Twitter user that goes by the handle @athirahwangi posted a screenshot of her conversations with a landlord who wanted to rent out a room for 2 people. Sounds like a normal conversation, right? However, the rent the landlord quoted for the room, which he is thinking of furnishing with a double-decker bunk bed, is very peculiar. Hmm…

Source: Twitter


The chat goes like this:

Landlord: Salam, I want to ask for your opinion. If you are provided with a double-decker bed in your rented room like this, would you be interested?

Tenant: Waassalam. Sorry, I’m just done with class. Is this for two people?

Landlord: Yes, a room for two.

Tenant: What are the rates?

Landlord: RM180 for the top bed and RM200 for the bottom one. (The top bed is cheaper because you need to climb the stairs to get to it).


And apparently tenants all over the place have had similar offers before, where the rent was priced according to which bed you took on the bunk!.

“Wehh… this does exist! All of them do it like this in Shah Alam.”

Source: Twitter

“OMG, this is exactly like my room, hahaha. My roommate sleeps at the bottom and she has to pay RM370 while I have to pay RM350 for sleeping on the top bed.”

Source: Twitter

“Hahaha, I found a room that offers a similar rental price. I quickly replied to the owner, “That’s okay Makcik, I don’t want it.””

Source: Twitter

Some even had it worse

“Look at this. Don’t you think it’s funny that this room costs RM250 and the other one costs RM350 because of the size difference, but we still share the same air conditioner (a/c)?”

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

There are so many problems with this one picture.

Why does the room cost so much? Why is the room so small? What are you going to do if you don’t want to use the air con but the other room does?

Nevertheless, it is nice to know that the owners are more concerned with their tenants now. But we still kenot brain the air con situation.

What other weird situations have you been in while dealing with your owner/tenant? Share with us in the comment section.


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