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“Rich People Wouldn’t Shop in Kamdar”, M’sian Aunty Owned After Shaming Retail Workers



M'sian Retail Workers Gained The Ultimate Revenge When A Customer Rudely Downgraded Their Job - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Pa&Ma & Males Banget
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It’s so easy to detect arrogant people. They will always make themselves look and sound superior or more special than the rest. And we hear you, dealing with them sucks hard.

So when these retail workers got their sweet revenge on a snotty lady, we just wanted to give them a huge high five.

Shared by @harithsufi_ on Twitter was a thread of his experience dealing with a snobbish lady and her children. The humiliation was so bad that the retail workers decided that she shouldn’t go home ’empty-handed’.

Sufi was originally a university student who worked at Kamdar to fill up his semester break. During his time in the shoe section, he had to face customers bad attitudes, but none of them could compared to this one in particular.

It was the back-to-school season and our hero, Sufi, had to serve overflowing customers that came over to buy shoes for their kids. It was so packed that they couldn’t even sit or focus on their lunch.

One day, this one particularly pompous family visited the shop. The family consisted of a lady with her four children. One of her sons, around Standard 1, chose his shoes and approached Sufi to get his size.

When the size was found, he gave it to the boy to test it out. Sufi offered a chair for the boy to sit on but the boy immediately sat on the floor to put on the shoe.

Source: Pa&Ma

To everyone’s surprise, the lady straight away raged and scolded her son.

Guess she said?

“Why do you have to sit on this dirty floor when there’s a chair provided for you?”

“Do you want to work here? Being filthy and all?”

“Do you want to do dirty jobs?”

“Do you want me to get you a form so that you can work here?”

Eh halo?! Language!

Adding to this absurdity, her eldest daughter who was just as stuck-up continued, “That’s right, and you were even wearing the same white shirt as that worker. You can just work here if you want to sit on that filthy floor. It stinks.”

Coincidentally, Sufi and his buddies were wearing white at that time.

Can you imagine Sufi’s reaction to this?

“Is this job really that petty? Do I stink? What gives her the right to claim that the people who work there were poor or uneducated?”

True enough, most of the workers in retail stores are no less than students who wanted to work and gain experience, and sometimes to earn pocket money while waiting for their semester breaks to end.

Fortunately, our hero wasn’t the type to allow pompous pricks to simply pass by.

“The funniest moment is when all three of us chatted loudly with each other around the family.”

“Hey, where do you study?”, Sufi asked his friend.

“I had just finished doing Masters in UM,” one of them answered.

Looking to another friend, he asked, “Ohh… That’s impressive, how about you?”

“I’ve completed a degree in Accounting at Puncak Alam recently. I guess my points were adequate.”

“How was it?”

He answered loudly, “Well, I got a 3.8 CGPA.”

And the whole family dramatically turned to look at them, probably starting to suffer from the burn. As the family passed by the workers again for the last time, the boys used it as a perfect opportunity to roast them.

“Dude, can you smell that? It smells like poor people.”

Sufi paused before dropping their last bomb on them.

“I mean, rich prats wouldn’t shop in a filthy Kamdar like this one. So obviously she’s worse than us.”

Immediately, the lady gave them a sharp look before shoving her kids out of the store. 

“Never look down on people, respect everyone. You never know that in reality, that person might be rich or something. There will be a time when you get to be in our shoes to feel what we felt,” Sufi ended the thread that gained 11.2k retweets and 12.7k likes.

Awesome! Honestly, how can anyone show this kind of attitude to their kids?!


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