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Rich Guy Offers RM90,000 Reward to Hunt Down Grab Driver & Cop Who Offended Him



Rich Guy Offers RM90,000 Reward to Hunt Down Grab Driver & Cop Who Offended Him - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Hardware Zone
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Listen to this post:

Well, this just shows that one should not simply make threats online or you may land in serious trouble! Just as the dust settled on the whole drama about the BMW driver and the Caltex pump attendant, another new saga has emerged.

This time, another young man has made headlines for allegedly putting a “bounty” of S$10,000 to S$30,000 (RM29,702 to RM89,108) on a police officer and a Grab driver. He had written a lengthy Facebook post offering the bounty and detailing what happened to him but has since taken it down. However, some people at the Singaporean forum, Hardware Zone managed to capture the post before that.

This is what he said:

Basically, this is a summary of what happened to the young man, who is 25 years old and supposedly a rich, successful bodybuilder when he called for a Grab ride on April 15 at around 2.30am.

  • He was with his girlfriend who was looking tipsy and the driver refused to fetch them as he was afraid that she might vomit and dirty his car.
  • He said he took out S$1,000 (RM2,968) and ‘threw’ it at the driver’s face and said that he would pay 50 times the amount whether she puked or not.
  • At this point, the driver started rambling and making nasty comments while challenging the guy to a fight.
  • Calls were made to Grab and the police. Six police officers came down and at first they “sided” with the driver but after listening to the story, they were on his side.
  • During this conversation, one of the officers allegedly told him, “Eh, I am the police officer here. You are just a civilian. So you better shut up and listen to me.”
  • The bodybuilder got angry and told the police officer, “Eh boy, know your place. The only reason you’re in the police force is because you’re useless and went to an Institute of Technical Education (ITE).” Implying that an ITE certificate is of no use, perhaps?
  • He then boasted that he was half their age but earned 25 times more money. He demanded that the driver and the police apologise to him as he was well connected and could destroy their careers.
  • The investigating officer (IO) allegedly told the other police to back down as she had researched his IC and knew who they were dealing with.
  • The driver apologised to the couple but was sarcastic to his girlfriend even though he had given them “eight chances” over two hours to make amends.
  • Because of this debacle, the bodybuilder lost S$70,000 (RM207,796) as he could not make it to a meeting in time.
  • At the time of posting, he had managed to find a lawyer to prosecute the police officer and driver.

He even said that he would pay $30,000 (RM89,108) for the driver to be brought alive to him without breaking any rules. Erm, how do you expect to do that? 

However, after the drama blew up across social media, the bodybuilder has surfaced and given his side of the story while also apologising for his actions. 

Here’s what he said at first:

He accused the Grab driver of making sexual comments towards his girlfriend, an aspect he had left out in his first post and also said that the police officer was hostile, with “his hand right by his gun holster”. His first apology still left a sour taste in netizens’ mouths and he backtracked to make another more contrite apology.

This is what he explained after that:

He said that he had overreacted and had actually been seeking psychiatric help before this. If there was any doubt of his sincerity, he even said that he had written and would hand-deliver an apology letter to the police station.

TLDR version: ‘Rich’ guy tries to show off by offering a huge bounty to find Grab driver and police officer who offended him and his girlfriend, plan backfires after netizens condemn him for boasting about his money and insulting a police officer. Guy suffers vicious backlash and backtracks wildly by giving various apologies to everyone involved and deletes social media accounts.

Lesson: think carefully before putting up such incendiary posts like this online, peeps!


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