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Report: Over 400 Tonnes of Imported Plastic Waste in Selangor Will Be Shipped Back on 28th May



Report: Over 400 Tonnes of Imported Plastic Waste in Selangor Will Be Shipped Back on May 28 - WORLD OF BUZZ
BFM News | Source: Twitter
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Well, this is good news! 

Ever since the issue of illegal waste dumping sites being discovered all over the place became a hot topic in Malaysia, our Environment and Climate Change Minister Yeo Bee Yin and her team have been working tirelessly to find ways to return all imported rubbish back to where it came from.

Following that, in a special interview by NST, Yeo revealed that more than 400 tonnes of imported plastic waste in Port Klang, Selangor will be shipped back to their origin countries today (28th May 2019). 

By sending back the rubbish which was dumped in Malaysia, Yeo elaborated that we are taking a stand against “irresponsible acts of dumping plastic waste on foreign soil”. Yeo told to NST that the war against imported plastic waste is meant to “uphold Malaysia’s dignity” amongst the developed countries.

Even though the minister barely revealed anything about the process, it was learnt that about seven containers of contaminated plastic waste would be returned to their origin countries – including the US, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh, reported BFM News.

Yeo was quoted by NST as saying,

“We should not let ourselves become a dumping ground. That’s why we want to control it (plastic waste imports). We want to fight back. They (other countries) are dumping it on us. We will fight back and send it back to them.”

“They have to be responsible for this as it’s really not only about the environment, but the dignity and sovereignty of the country.”

The young minister continued to explain that today’s shipment is part of the ongoing efforts of the authorities to return imported plastic waste back to the countries of origin.

FYI, imported plastic waste resulted in illegal plastic recycling factories being operated in several states like Selangor. 

BFM News | Source: Twitter

To deal with these factories, Yeo said that the state governments could impose “the National Land Code against landowners and occupants who allowed illegal plastic recycling factories to operate on their land”. She further added that this method had been applied before in Selangor.

As a result, the method was proven to be successful because the ministry received lesser complaints about illegal plastic recycling factories. She then shared,

“There have been cases in Negeri Sembilan, Kedah and Penang, but the most serious is in Selangor because it is near Port Klang.”

Having said that, there will be a press conference by Yeo about this issue, later in the day. We’ve got to keep our eyes peeled for the press conference! 

BFM News | Source: Twitter

In addition to that, BFM News revealed that appropriate action will be taken by exporters and importers of the plastic waste who brought in rubbish illegally. Good thing!

What do you think about the government’s decision to send back the imported plastic waste? Tell us in the comments below! 

On that note, if you want to read NST’s full interview with Yeo Bee Yin, click here


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