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Remorseful ‘Datuk Seri’ Who Hit 3 RELA Members Donates RM220,000 to Good Causes



Remorseful 'Datuk Sri' Donates RM220,000 to Students, School and Community Policing - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: China Press / The Sun Daily
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Not too long ago, a high profile individual named Datuk Sri Liow Soon Hee shot to fame overnight after he allegedly beat up three RELA members who requested his bodyguard to relocate their cars.

When turning himself in to the police, Liow was tested positive for drugs. Again, he made the headlines. His reputation was pretty much scarred, thanks to his own actions.

Notorious 'Datuk Seri' Donates RM220,000 to Students, School and Community Policing - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

However, just this morning, Liow shockingly announced that he will be donating RM220,000 for various good causes. He attended the press conference with famous Malaysian hero, Kuan Chee Heng, who is also the founder of Community Policing Malaysia.

Source: China Press

According to China Press, Liow will be donating RM80,000 to aid varsity students in pursuing their tertiary education.

“There’s a student who achieved CGPA of 3.78 but he couldn’t further his studies because of financial problems. So, Datuk Sri (Liow) donated RM50,000 to him. 

“Then, there’s another poor student from Melaka. He’s set to enter University of Malaya to study Chemical Engineering, but he was poor. So, Datuk Sri donated RM30,000 to him,” Kuan said. 

Aside from assisting these students, Liow also donated RM70,000 to Community Policing Ambulance and RM20,000 to Community Policing.

Source: China Press

Kuan was also happy to announce that Liow will be donating money to help build a basketball court in a secondary school. The donation was done under Liow’s mother’s name.

In front of the reporters, Liow handed over five cheques amounting to RM220,000 to Kuan to handle the donations.

Source: China Press

Besides, Liow also expressed his remorse over the unhappy incident.

“I want to be part of society and I regret my actions. I am willing to extend my apology to the victims affected in the incident,” Liow said. 

This generous donation has attracted many netizens’ attention on Facebook, especially now that he is involved in court cases.

“If he donated the money before all these incidents, I would’ve believed his intention; but now, it seems like he’s just trying to repair his broken reputation,” a netizen said. 

Whatever it is, he did donate the money and we hope the amount can be put into good use to benefit the needy people in our society. What do you think of his good deed? 


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