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[Quiz] On a Scale of ‘Kedekut’ to ‘Big Spender’, What M’sian are You Based on Your Food Choices?



[Quiz] On a Scale of 'Kedekut' to 'Big Spender', What M'sian are You Based on Your Food Choices? - World Of Buzz 1

One very Malaysian thing we love to do is to eat (just look at all those delectable variety of food in our country). But whether it’s being super thrifty with your spending or making it rain, that’s a whole different story.

Take this quiz below and…

Find out are you one of those Malaysians who love to treat themselves or are you just that little bit kedekut!

PS: Just refresh if you don’t see the quiz!

So, which one did you get? Are you the super baller one or the kedekut type?

Because we know how eating is Malaysians’ favourite pastime, we’re introducing to you The Manhattan FISH MARKET’s 5 Fin-tastic Cooking Methods that are available on their menu. Ranging from Flamed, Grilled, Poached, Baked and Fried!

On a Scale of 'Baller Spending' to 'Kedekut', What Malaysian are You Based on Your Food Choices? - World Of Buzz

And in more amazing news, The Manhattan FISH MARKET is the proud recipient of Superbrands Award!

Get ready to eat your way to goodness with the extensive selection of seafood and other yummy options available on their menu.

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