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Public Apology to Q-dees



Q-dees Kindergarten Not Involved in Recent Setapak Kindergarten Case - WORLD OF BUZZ 2
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Recently, there was a case involving a headmistress who tied up and gagged a 5-year-old student. Following this case, we’ve published an article dated 15th November 2017 in which we’ve used an image of a student from a local tadika from a personal blog site.

The image that was initially used in the article featured the photo of a child wearing a Q-dees uniform, unbeknownst to our writer. We understand that the image misled and upset parents and anyone else involved in the reputable institution which has built a positive name for themselves after spending more than 25 years serving the education industry.

Q-dees have strong core values when it comes to their interaction with kids, and have always emphasised on their love for kids and the community.

Firstly, we would like to extend our apologies to Q-dees and our readers for the wrong use of image. We have no malicious intent to ever cast Q-dees in a bad light nor mislead readers into thinking so. Secondly, we have since taken down the image in question as a remedy to the parties involved.

We take full responsibility for any misunderstanding that has transpired because of this, and extend our sincere apologies to the Q-dees educational establishment for using an image on a news story that had nothing to do with them, their stakeholders, their teachers, and students.

Deepest apologies,

Director of WORLD OF BUZZ.

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