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Prostitute Chases Client Who Refused to Pay and Smacks Him with High Heels



Prostitute Chases Client Who Refused to Pay, Smacks Him with High Heels - World Of Buzz 1
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Sometimes we make extremely odd choices in our lives.

Remember the time you thought that using ground coffee as a face mask was a good idea? Or the time you thought you were a superhero by wearing your underwear over your head?

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Well, in a series of weird events that recently took place in Hong Kong, an elderly man ended up being smacked by a high heel-wielding hooker.

According to Coconuts Hong Kong, the sex worker got into a fight with her 64-year-old client.

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At about 11AM, the man named Lau hired Kong for some sexy time. The duo went to a hotel on Waterloo Road and totally got their freak on.

But AFTER doing the dirty deed, they could not come to terms on the pricing. Lau refused to pay for Kong’s services.

Uncle, just pay for the service you’ve ordered lah…

Infuriated at Lau’s refusal to cough up the money, Kong threatened to call the police on him. Of course, the elderly man panicked and so he snatched her phone and ran off.

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Kong chased after the man whilst screaming for help along the way. Finally, a kind passerby caught the uncle at Yau Ma Tei MTR Station.

That was when all hell broke loose as the enraged sex worker took off one of her high heels and repeated hit the man with it.

Witnesses were able to pull each other apart and police soon arrived. Like Hong Kong drama, man…

The duo were arrested both on the charge of fighting in a public place. They were also sent to the hospital for treatment for their injuries.

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Source: Apple

So guys, don’t play play lah. IF REALLY need to play play also make sure you got money lah.

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