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Pregnant Cat Shockingly Discovered Tortured & Burnt to Death For Animal Sacrifice In Johor Bahru



Pregnant Cat Brutally Murdered In Johor Bahru For Animal Sacrifice Ritual, Police Offers Reward For Any Information - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Malaysia Animal Association
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Day after day we read countless stories of animal abuse that’s gut-wrenching and bring tears to our eyes but does it stop? We see and react to these stories but still, there are psychopaths out there who find some sort of sickening joy from torturing animals. The brutal slaughter of this cat just proves how our humanity is slowly disappearing day by day.

Malaysia Animal Association posted about the inhumane killing of this pregnant cat that happened on the 17th of February at Taman Mutiara Rini, Johor Bahru.

The post detailed how the cat, Shaehu, went missing for three days and was finally found by the owner near their own neighbour’s house in heartbreaking conditions. The owner’s initial suspicion that it was a road accident was disproven as there weren’t any bloodstains on the road and her face didn’t look like it was crushed by a car. Furthermore, it seemed obvious that the cat was slaughtered as both of her eyes were gouged out and half her body was burnt.

There was a theory that the cat was murdered for sadistic animal sacrifice rituals as there were incense sticks and candles found nearby the corpse as well. A Facebook user supported these claims by saying that pregnant cats were murdered as they were sometimes used as “mediums” to the afterlife. Whatever reason is given, the killing of this poor, innocent animal is not justified!

The owner immediately informed the Head of Animal Malaysia State of Johor, Mrs.Veda Shree Shan so that this case will be brought to the Johor Veterinary Department and a special investigation can be opened to catch this cruel proprietor. A police report was also filed as the procedure to open an investigation under the Animal Welfare Act 2015. Malaysia Animal Act Association is also offering a reward of RM5,000 for anyone who has any information regarding this case.  You can contact their Whatsapp Hotline at +6011-20901097.

If you happen to know anything at all, make sure to contact the authorities. These murderers who enjoy killing animals should face the court of law and the punishment they deserve.


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