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Post Alleging M’sian Man Got Beaten Up By Transgender Person He Tried to Rape Goes Viral



Source: Facebook
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An old viral post which has recently resurfaced stating that a man got what he deserved after he allegedly tried to get sexually assault another person has gotten netizens’ attention. Unfortunate? Maybe. Did he deserve it? Yes. 

The post wrote that a man wanted to satisfy his sick lust by raping a woman but to his shock, they allegedly turned out to be a transgender person. Even more “unfortunate” for him, the person he targeted overpowered him and beat him up real good in return, without remorse. Plot twist right there!

Source: Facebook

The incident which allegedly took place in Semporna, Sabah was posted in October 2017 and somehow it began circulating again this week. The two photos posted along with the status showed one person wrapped in a sarong while another showed a man sitting on the floor as a group of men surrounded him in order to prevent him from escaping.

Man Allegedly Got Beaten Up By A Person He Wanted To Rape - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Facebook

However, after investigations, there are a few sites that also claimed that the man was beaten up not because of his intention to rape but because he was trying to steal the transgender person’s mobile phone. Which is also wrong! A few netizens also corrected the admin of the page, commenting that the suspect wanted to steal the transgender person’s phone while they were bathing and they chased after him to get back their phone and subsequently beat him up.

Source: Facebook

Although it is not confirmed whether the man tried to rape or steal, both acts are illegal and should not be condoned in any way. Meanwhile, netizens were commenting that he must have been shocked thinking that he found an easy target for his criminal act but got his butt kicked instead.

Moral of the story: Don’t do anything illegal or bad because what goes around comes around!


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