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Possessive Chinese Girlfriend Injects Mercury Into Boyfriend’s Body So He Can’t Leave Her



Possessive Chinese Girlfriend Injects Mercury Into Boyfriend's Body To Stop Him From Leaving - World Of Buzz 4
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A 34-year-old lady from Hubei, China shockingly injected 5 millilitres of mercury into her boyfriend’s body to stop him from leaving. This evil idea came to her mind after her boyfriend, Tan tried breaking up with her.

According to China Press, Tan and his girlfriend, Qiqi were classmates during secondary school and they’ve had a crush on each other. But they parted ways after graduation and even had their own families respectively later in their lives.

The two ran in to each other 5 years ago and rekindled their love. Just like that, they’ve been having an affair for almost 3 years before they decided to abandon their families and stay together.

But just after 2 years , the honeymoon was over and Tan decides to break up with Qiqi while he finds another job elsewhere, reportedly Sina.

“I’m going to work elsewhere, I think it’s best we break up,” said Tan.

When crying and begging didn’t work its magic, Qiqi came up with something drastic and evil – to poison Tan with mercury.

After doing some research, Qiqi discovered that mercury poisoning will only make Tan sick but not strong enough to kill him.

“I abandoned my family for him (Tan), but now he wants to break up with me. I don’t want that to happen, I want to make him stay. So I thought if he’s sick, he will never leave me!” said Qiqi when revealing her motive to the police.

Since mercury is not something easily available, she bought 89 thermometers to collect approximately 5 millilitres of mercury.

On February 21 last year, Tan came home and made himself a cup of coffee. Qiqi then slipped in some sleeping pills when Tan wasn’t around.

As a result, Tan fell into deep sleep and Qiqi injected the mercury using a syringe at his thigh.

Within days, Tan started feeling sick and was admitted to a hospital in Beijing. His family was notified and they rushed to the hospital.

After several tests and X-ray scans, it was confirmed that Tan suffered from mercury poisoning with huge quantity of mercury found in his thigh.

The mercury poisoning has wreck havoc on Tan’s internal organs such as liver, kidneys and lungs.

“I don’t understand, who would want to poison my son? And how did the mercury get into his body?” said Tan’s father.

After 11 days since Tan was admitted to hospital, his father received a text message from stranger that sounded like this:

“Your son has been injected with mercury! Please bring him to the general hospital for treatment! The amount injected was 5 millilitres!”

His father immediately lodged a police report and it was later found out that Qiqi was the culprit. She admitted for injecting the mercury and sending the text messages.

Fast forward to February 2017, Qiqi was sentenced to 6 years in prison and slapped with a fine of RMB770,000 (RM550,000) by the judge few days ago.

Qiqi, didn’t you hear? The best way to win a man’s heart is through his stomach.

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Possessive Chinese Girlfriend Injects Mercury Into Boyfriend's Body To Stop Him From Leaving - World Of Buzz

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