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Police Shockingly Find Two Headless Bodies & Woman’s Head Washed Up on Thai Beaches



Two Headless Bodies and Woman's Head Washed Up on Thai Beaches - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Now, here’s a sight you’d never want to see while strolling down the beach, or anywhere else for that matter. Two headless bodies and a woman’s head were reportedly washed up at various coastlines in Thailand, with the former being found on beaches in Rayong. According to Oriental Daily, one of the bodies, which has been identified as a man’s, was found completely undressed, with cut wounds on the neck. Truly horrific.

Source: Bright TV

Police believe the victim has been deceased for over a week now, due to signs of significant decay on the body. Furthermore, the victim’s wrist has 3 tattoos etched in English, although he has yet to be identified at the time of report due to considerable skin decay from the water.

Two headless bodies found on Rayong beaches near Pattaya | News by The Thaiger

Source: Bright TV

As for the second body, which has also been determined as a male’s, it was discovered 10km away at PMY beach in Rayong, clad only in underwear. It is understood that the victim had been deceased for at least 10 days prior to being found.

In regards to the woman’s head, it was discovered by fishermen near a jetty in Phra Pradaeng, located about 20km south of Bangkok. The head had long hair, leading police to believe that it belonged to a woman, and is said to have been submerged in water for a few days before being found.

The bodies were found in Rayong, which is a popular tourist destination. Picture: Google Maps

Source: Google Maps

Investigations are currently underway to identify the victims, and police believe that the headless bodies and woman’s head are linked.

Yikes, what do you think happened to these people in Thailand? Share with us your thoughts in the comments. In the meantime, we hope the police will be able to investigate the matter quickly and find answers to this bizarre incident. 


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Two Headless Bodies and Woman's Head Washed Up on Thai Tourist Beach - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

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