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Pervert Tries to Take Photo of Lady’s Chest on MRT, Pretends to Take Selfie When Confronted



Man Taking Pictures of Women on Train Pretended to Take a Selfie When Confronted - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: NST & Twitter
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There’s a huge reason why women squeeze into women’s only coaches on the train even though it’s full. Well, there are multiple reasons as to why and it all boils down to one thing.

Men. (Don’t get me wrong, not all men.)

Ef (@eizelfaustineee) took to his Twitter page to showcase a disgusting act he caught on camera whilst in a Singaporean train. A man was taking a picture of a lady who had her head down without her consent. He even zoomed into her chest!

Ef wrote, “Bloody hell, caught this person. When I confronted him, he switched to selfie mode like he was taking a selfie. Take care, girls!”

Source: Twitter

One netizen even took the time to educate those who chose to blame and shame rape victims on why it’s wrong to judge sexual assault victims based on how revealing clothes are.

Source: Twitter

Hence, is why there are women’s coaches in the first place.

But unfortunately, women’s coaches are also no longer safe for ladies as there are men who ignore the signs and have been flooding to ladies-only coaches.

We genuinely hope this man learnt his lesson after being caught red-handed, though sadly, he probably isn’t the only one out there thinking they can get away with such gross behaviour.

So, be like Ef, help a sister by calling out them out.


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