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Pervert Masturbates and Ejaculates on Woman at Bookstore in Mont Kiara Mall



Pervert Masturbates and Ejaculates on Woman in Bookstore at Solaris Dutamas - World Of Buzz
Source: Pocketimes
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We really can’t let our guard down these days. Weirdos are everywhere!

A 40-year-old woman was sitting in a bookstore when a perverted man masturbated and finished right on her back! The incident took place at a famous bookstore in Solaris Dutamas on July 16th.

Source: Pocketimes

According to Sinchew, the woman was sitting at the children’s reading corner while waiting for her husband to attend to some matters in the shopping mall. That was when the perverted guy got aroused after seeing the woman and decided to pleasure himself right then and there.

Based on the CCTV footage, the fair-skinned guy in the black T-shirt stood behind the woman while she was fully engrossed in her book. Seeing how the victim wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings, the pervert started masturbating while using a book to cover himself from plain view. He then ejaculated on the back of the woman before walking away.

The whole process took less than 15 seconds. Here’s the CCTV footage.

The victim felt her back was wet and upon closer inspection, she shockingly discovered what exactly was on her shirt. She immediately called her husband and told him what had happened.

The 38-year-old husband, who is a lawyer bearing the title of Dato’, decided to speak up about the incident in order to warn members of the public.

“She panicked and broke down in tears, as she never thought someone would do such a thing at the children’s reading corner in a bookstore!” the husband said.

“I have a daughter and I don’t want such incidents to happen to her or anybody else,” he added.


 - World Of Buzz

Source: Pocketimes

After acquiring the CCTV footage from the bookstore, he rushed to the security department of the shopping mall hoping to locate the man. Despite looking everywhere through the CCTVs, they failed to locate him.

The husband pointed out that such perverts will definitely strike again in near future and urged everyone to be vigilant. He also hoped that through the power of social media, the culprit can be identified and be brought to justice.

Although the victim has recovered from the ordeal, it’s a nightmare that the family will never forget.

Let’s hope the pervert can be apprehended and put behind bars!


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