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Pervert Caught Molesting Woman during Ramadan, Gets Roughed Up by Group of Men



Another Pervert Caught and Roughed Up by Malaysians in Shopping Mall - World Of Buzz
Source: Facebook
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Just days ago, yet another incident involving a man molesting a woman has gone viral on social media. Seriously, what’s going on in our country?

From the videos uploaded on Facebook, a man wearing a red T-shirt can be seen sitting on a staircase surrounded by a group of men. They were delivering street justice to him, based on what it looks like.

His hands were up to protect his head while a man slapped and kicked him. Another man standing next to him was seen armed with a stick.

In another video, the culprit was sitting on the floor while another man demanded him to hand over his bag to conduct an unlawful search.

On the Facebook post, it was written:

“This molestation case happened at City Plaza in Alor Setar, Kedah. Luckily he was only lightly beaten up, if it happened in other places, things would have been worse.

“This guy had the audacity to molest people even during the fasting month. But it was partly the woman’s fault as well because she didn’t cover up. Her clothes were tight and she wasn’t wearing a headscarf.”

“The guy had been taken to police station.”

The post went viral with over 2k shares in just four days. However, netizens responded with mixed reactions in the comment section, with some poking fun at the men for not hitting the molester hard enough. “It’s funny how the guy slapped him. It’s like he’s playing manja with him,” a netizen said.

On a more serious not, there were also some who condemned the public for taking laws into their own hands. “Just hand him over to the police, remember what happened the other day at Sentosa Mall?” another netizen commented.

Among all the comments, none of them seemed to have a problem with the part that blamed the victim for not covering-up. That’s a really bad mentality guys. It’s never right to blame the victim for their attire. It’s like saying, “I robbed the jewellery store because they had their expensive things on display!”

Anyway, we’re happy that the culprit has been handed over to the police and no life was lost in this incident.


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