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Perodua Kelisa Spotted On BAFTA-Nominated UK TV Comedy, Stath Lets Flats



Source: Twitter
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We’re so used to seeing our national treasure, MYVIs in the news, but it’s about time we give the limelight to another Malaysian legend, the Perodua Kelisa!

In fact, not only does the Kelisa deserve our praise and attention, it deserves to be in some sort of international spotlight, like say – in a UK TV comedy?

Lisa Diamond (@lisajariffin) took to her Twitter profile after she had spotted one of our local Kelisas in the UK comedy series, Stath Lets Flats.

Lisa wrote, “Malaysian fam, you’re gonna love this! I was watching the BAFTA-nominated comedy, Stath Lets Flats, and guess what I spotted on the show! A Perodua Kelisa! Yes, on UK TV! Kelisas are definitely legends!”

The sitcom, which has been compared to the likes of The Office, follows a real estate agent working for his family’s business, renting out low-cost apartments.

Source: Twitter

The Kelisa has been fitted with UK number plates to suit the scene of the show, though it is still unconfirmed how the Malaysian car ended up there in the first place!

Source: Twitter

Nonetheless, it’s a truly delightful sight, seeing such an underrated Malaysian car being utilised on such an internationally renowned TV show!

Who knows, with this, the Kelisa might make a comeback here in Malaysia and overtake the MYVI as Malaysia’s most legendary car?



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