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People In China Are Wearing Fake Food On Their Heads and It’s Crazy!



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Fabulous or fashionless?

This year, China has has it with quirky trends, such as touching your belly button and a more recent one, wearing beansprouts on your head, which we wrote about it here.

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But fashion work in weird ways and it quickly evolves too. China is taking it up a notch and they are now wearing fake food on their heads!

But in the world of fashion, one week you're in and the next you're out. And the Chinese internet has decided to prove that by quickly brushing aside the "old" trend and upgrading to the next level: plastic food clips.


Complete with a selection of chicken wings, prawns, pork slices, ribs, dumplings and more, the hair clips are a buffet for your hair.



The seller in Taobao boasts about his realistic product against other competitors, and some couldn’t agree more. 



Going at about RM6 a pop, these unusual hair clips are racking up demand in China. Apparently the demand for these hairpieces is so high, the producers are working overtime to just to fill orders



People who has purchased the product are overall very happy with it.

One even left a feedback saying, 啊啊啊啊 太真实 真的 不买就后悔 哈哈

Translation: Ahh! Too realistic! You’re gonna regret if you don’t buy one haha.



Another commented that her rib hair clip was realistic and it made her hungry just looking at it.



If you thought these fake food hair clips were crazy, this next one will make you question everything there is about fashion.



All I know is, if I ever see someone walking down the street with these..

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