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Penang Man Who Found “Tens of Thousands” of Canadian Dollars in Landfill Wants to Return It All



Penang Man Found Canadian Dollars In A Kettle At the Landfill - WORLD OF BUZZ
The Star & Malay Mail
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Have you ever heard of the Irish myth that says there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Well, a man from Penang has found a kettle filled with money, not the end of a rainbow, but at a landfill. But hey, at least there’s money, right?

According to The Star, Mohamad Fahmi Abdul Aziz found that the kettle he stumbled upon at the landfill was filled with hundreds of Canadian dollars.

When asked about the total amount of cash he found, Fahmi refused to reveal the answer and only said that the amount was sizeable and “in the tens of thousands”.

However, the 28-year-old man does not live by the saying ‘finders keepers’ as he wants to return all the C$100 dollar stacks that he found to the original owner.

“It is a daily routine for me to collect recyclable items at the dumpsite with my two workers. On Tuesday morning, I saw a shiny metal object half-buried in the ground.”

Source: The Star

“I pulled it out and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that the kettle was filled with currency bills.”

“I took it home and upon checking, I found it to be Canadian dollars. I was stunned,” he added.

Wanting to know whether the money was real or fake, he showed a few notes to a money-changer who confirmed that the Canadian dollars were authentic.

According to Fahmi, he decided to return the money to its original owner after discussion with his wife and family.

“It could have been someone’s savings and it has definitely been disposed of by mistake.”

He also added that he will not reveal the amount as he wants the owner to reveal how much is in the kettle as proof of knowledge. Apparently, he also didn’t want to make a police report as if he were to surrender the money, he then wouldn’t know what will really happen to it later.

“I will seek advice from my religious teacher, and if I cannot find the owner, I might donate it to charity,” he told to The Star.

When asked why did Fahmi not want to keep the money, he simply replied that it was the not right thing to do.

A Canadian High Commission official in Kuala Lumpur said that no Canadian had reported losing such a big amount of money.

“The C$100 notes were replaced by new higher security polymer bills in 2017 and the old ones have to be changed in the banks to be used,” he said.

When shown a picture of the currency notes, he confirmed that they were legal tender but said they need to be replaced with the new notes in the bank.

“There are some money changers who still accept the notes as it is still in circulation. The person should lodge a police report as anyone can lay claim to it,” he added.

For the person who thinks that they’re the one who lost all those C$100 notes, do give Fahmi a call at 017-491 3683.


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