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PDRM: You Can Lodge a Complaint Against Your Neighbour If They’re Noisy



PDRM: "You Can Lodge a Complaint Against Your Neighbour If They're Causing Noise Pollution" - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
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If you have annoying neighbours that are always disturbing your peace and quiet within the province of your home, you’d be pleased to know that the Polis DiRaja Malaysia (PDRM) just reminded the public that they can actually lodge a complaint if their neighbours are causing a nuisance. 

In a Facebook post, PDRM mentioned that excessive noise in a neighbourhood is considered a nuisance and a criminal offence. They further explained that common nuisance that disturbs the peace of the neighbourhood could be an offence too. Some of these include:

  • Playing with firecrackers 
  • Reviving the engine of a motorcycle 
  • Laughing loudly 
  • Playing very loud music 

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Posted by Polis Diraja Malaysia ( Royal Malaysia Police ) on Monday, October 8, 2018

However, do keep in mind that these types of noise are considered a problem only if it disturbs the peace and harmony of a neighbourhood.

If you aren’t aware, Section 13(1) of the Minor Offences Act 1955 states that anyone who plays any instruments between midnight and 6am in such a manner that it causes annoyance to other people is committing an offence.

Besides that, loudspeakers operating in the vicinity of a neighbourhood, near any public road or places that cause inconveniences to people within the area is also a misdemeanour.

Source: NST

According to the Act, if found guilty, the offender can get a fine of no more than RM100. With that said, any music played by the parties mentioned below are not subjected to this Act, and these parties are:

  • Any of the armed forces of Malaysia 
  • Prayer or other sounds produced for religious purposes 
  • Police whistles blew to call for assistance 
  • Horn/bell/whistle used to avoid an accident

They also added that anything done with the Chief Police Officer’s permission is not a crime.

Source: China Daily

PDRM didn’t forget to remind the public not to take matters into their own hands if they are dissatisfied with their neighbours because they could risk being charged for a criminal offence. Be careful, guys! 

“As Malaysians, we should encourage one spirit of neighbourhood and not cause a nuisance to our neighbours,” PDRM wrote.

With that said, do remember to have valid information about the nuisance that’s being caused in your neighbourhood when lodging a complaint. To the rest of y’all, let’s be more courteous to our community and not cause too much of noise that could disrupt the tranquillity of a neighbourhood.


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