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PDRM Comes Up With Witty Guidelines So M’sians Won’t Fall for Online Love Scams



PDRM Comes Up With Witty Guidelines So M'sians Won't Fall for Online Love Scams - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Facebook has recently jumped on the dating site bandwagon by releasing their Facebook Dating feature in Malaysia on the 1st of May, after experiencing success in nineteen other countries prior.

The feature is built in along with the Facebook application, but is kept separate from one’s profile, only displaying first name and age. Other personal details and pictures can be customised to shown based on individual preference.

Though Facebook is actively trying to protect their users by allowing profiles with as little personal information as possible, there is a possibility Malaysians are already falling in love and falling for scams as the Royal Malaysia Police decided to come up with a guide to help Malaysians safely swipe.

In a recent posting on the Police Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) official Facebook page, the police wittily asked if anyone had tried the new Facebook feature and if it was well-received. Going on to briefly explain how the feature works, they then launch into a list of guidelines on how one can protect themselves from scams while finding their future beau.

The list includes:

  1. Never give out personal information such as full names, addresses, financial information, phone numbers, location of work place and so forth, and you should report individuals asking for such information.
  2. Abandon chats that ask for money or financial contributions.
  3. Do not trust any information displayed on dating profiles or given by an individual and always do some sort of background check before following through on plans to meet in person.
  4. Always inform family members regarding the location of the meet up and exactly what time you should be home.
  5. Avoid quiet and dimly lit areas as a location choice for the appointment.
  6.  Trust your gut. Be mindful of any uncomfortable feelings or uneasiness which should be a red flag enough for anyone to get up and out of the situation.

PDRM Comes Up With Witty Guidelines So M'sians Won't Fall for Online Love Scams - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
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Ending the post by poking fun at shady profiles, the Police Diraja Malaysia post quipped, “To those whose profile images are motorbikes and rims, how exactly do you expect me to get to know you?”

Win liao loh, Police Diraja Malaysia.

PDRM might have written out these guidelines for Facebook Dating, but these tips can definitely be adapted for all dating sites.


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