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Passerby Pays For Kind Kedah Teen’s Meal After Seeing Him Feed Fried Chicken to a Stray Cat



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Acts of kindness by humans are much needed in the world right now.

A recent tweet by Muhammad Aidil Zharif Zaikimi has gone viral among Malaysian netizens and his story will definitely warm your heart.

“Earlier this morning, I went to a nearby mamak restaurant for breakfast. A cat was meowing at me and I gave it a bit of chicken. After that, I headed to the counter to pay, and the person at the counter said that someone had already paid my bill,” he wrote in his tweet.

Netizens were really touched by his story because the tweet received about 15.8k retweets to date and 20k likes so far.

Muhammad Aidil Zharif (age 19) told Harian Metro that he didn’t know any of the customers that were at the restaurant at that time. Plus, there were only about three customers there that early in the morning. So, he was really surprised when someone helped pay for his food.

The incident happened at a mamak restaurant in Alor Setar, Kedah, when Muhammad Aidil Zharif was having his breakfast after subuh prayers. He is a student of Kuala Lumpur University (UniKL).

Netizens were deeply moved by his act of kindness, and they were quick to share their thoughts.

Source: Twitter

“Good job for giving the cat some chicken. Hopefully, you’ll be blessed for your kindness,” one netizen commented.

Source: Twitter

“It’s not a waste when we share food with cats. Perhaps the cat could be thanking us all,” another Twitter user wrote.  Furthermore, some netizens also made guesses about who helped pay for Muhammad Aidil Zharif’s food.

Source: Twitter

“Plot twist: The cat helped pay for the food,” this particularly hilarious netizen said. Gotta say, that’s a creative guess! 

Muhammad Aidil Zharif hopes that this will inspire people to do good and be kind to all living beings. Let’s make the world a better place by spreading kindness.


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