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Paragliding Chinese Granny Flies into Our Hearts



Paragliding Chinese Granny Flies into Our Hearts - World Of Buzz 3
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As we age, we begin to limit ourselves to what we think we can and cannot do. Many people have certain set beliefs about old people, that they are fragile and should stick to activities that require little physical effort.

This grandmother from China however, threw those old stereotypes out of the window when she decided to take up paragliding.

69 year-old Li Jiaxin is the oldest paraglider in China. She loves paragliding although her age prevents her from taking part in national competitions.

In a report by the Shanghaiist, Jiaxin’s interest in the sport began in 2008, when she first started learning how to paraglide.

Although she has 9 years of experience, she never tries any stunts that are too dangerous and focuses on more simple paragliding moves instead so she can enjoy the sport for longer. 

This certainly isn’t the first time a granny took a trip on the extreme side, though!

In 2014, an 81 year-old Chinese grandma decided to try skydiving for the first time in Australia.

She wanted to take up this extreme activity when she visited her son’s home in Australia, saying that she had never experienced anything like it before. 

Well, inspiring stories about these extreme grannies certainly give us hope that we won’t be doomed to a life of just sitting at home and playing mahjong when we grow old!

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