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Pakistani Man’s Wallet Gets Stolen, M’sian Buys Him Dinner and Sends Him to Work



Pakistani Guy's Wallet Stolen, Kind-Hearted M'sian Buys Him Dinner and Sends Him to Work - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook
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Some of us may feel apprehensive when it comes to helping strangers, because we’ve all heard of how good Samaritans end up getting robbed or scammed. Despite being fully aware of these possibilities, Nic still chose to help this Pakistani guy.

According to his post on Facebook, Nic had just exited a KK Mart store when he saw a foreigner sitting at the side. The man looked stressed out and both of his fists were tightly clenched. In a rather heartwarming scene, Nic approached the man with the intention of listening to his story.

Source: Facebook

“He came from Pakistan and his father had passed away. It was his mother and elder brother who financed him to study in Malaysia. His wallet and tuition fees were stolen; he even showed me his police report.”

“He told me that he’s now working part time at One World Hotel as a service crew, but since his wallet has been stolen, he has no money to take a bus ride to his work place. He desperately needed a lift to the hotel.”

Initially, Nic was indecisive because he has heard of many scam cases before. However, he followed his heart and offered to fetch him to his workplace.

“While we were en route, the man suddenly burst out into tears saying that he has been waiting there since 5pm. He said that after asking over 10 people, no one was willing to help. He was praying for someone to help him (when I saw him) and kept thanking me.”

“Knowing that he hasn’t had his dinner, I decided to belanja him at a mamak restaurant. Only then did he become relaxed. We became friends and he told me a lot about his country and his family.”

Source: Facebook

It was already 1am when he reached home. Nic said he was exhausted but happy. He added, “This world would be a much more beautiful place if there’s trust and care between humans.” Well said Nic, well said.

The post was shared over 1,500 times overnight and netizens praised Nic for having a heart of gold. Indeed he has! 

Honestly, this world needs more people like you, Nic. Kipidap, don’t stop believing! 


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