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Pakcik Heartwarmingly Gives RM500 From His Savings to PH Candidate After Ceramah



Pak Cik Heartwarmingly Gives RM500 From His Savings to PH Candidate After Ceramah - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook
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We’ve all seen how politicians give out money in the name of donation at the end of their ceramah. Interestingly, things were pretty much the opposite at one of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) events recently.

On 4 May, Yeo Bee Yin who is the PH candidate for Bakri parliamentary seat took to Facebook to share a heartwarming encounter with an old man at the event. Although it was already 2am when she got home, Yeo felt compelled to share the story with everyone.

Source: Facebook

Here’s the translation of what she wrote.

“After the Harapan ceramah in Parit Sakai, Muar, a pakcik wearing a kopiah and green baju melayu came to my seat. He handed me an envelope and told me that the RM500 cash inside is a donation for the election fund.”

“I was shocked to hear that because Parit Sakai is not a rich neighbourhood and an individual contribution of RM500 to the election fund is huge! I didn’t know how to respond because I was too shocked.”

She could only thank the old man multiple times for his donation. When she opened the envelope, things got even more heartwarming.

“The money doesn’t look like it’s from a bank or an ATM, but it looked rather like those folded money that has been saved up long time ago. I’m sorry, pakcik. I was too shocked just now and forgot to ask for your name. Hopefully this message gets to you one way or another.”

Source: Facebook

Yeo added that during this campaign period, her voice is slowly fading away from all the talks she had given, but this pakcik’s act of kindness has motivated her to hold on for another five days until the polling date.

She also assured the pakcik that the money will be spent wisely to ensure the victory of Pakatan Harapan on 9 May 2018, so that the country can be rebuilt.

This inspiring post was shared over 7,000 times overnight with netizens pouring in their support for the coalition.

“This is not about race. The pakcik wanted his beloved country to be rebuilt because Malaysia has fallen. To all my Malay, Chinese, and Indian brothers, please wake up now and stop dreaming. If not us, then who else is going to fight for our country?” a netizen said.

“During the ceramah in Danau Kota, I was responsible in getting the donation from the audiences and I was shocked as well. A lot of them donated RM50 or RM100 while the biggest donation was RM300. Looks like the rakyat really want to change the government this time,” another Facebook user commented. 

We’d like to thank the pakcik for his patriotism, and all the candidates for their ceramah. Funny how we never hear this kind of story from politicians of other parties. 


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