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Pahang Teachers and Students Dug a Reservoir All By Themselves After Being Fed Up With Water Shortage



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Source: Utusan Online
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We all know how important water is in our daily lives. But we normally take it for granted, especially given how accessible clean water is in our lives, well, that is until there’s a water cut. Damn.

After becoming fed up with not being able to access clean water, this school in Pahang literally took matters into their hands by building a dam for cleaner water supply. This is after Pahang State Education Departement released a statement regarding a damaged water pump in the area.

Apparently, this problem has been occurring in Betau for a long time, and no solution could be found for the villagers there. The absence of water really made it difficult for the residents, and even for the students and teachers who are boarding at a hostel there. It was also said that the students had to venture out to the river for a bath and to wash their clothes following the water shortages.

Realising the issue was becoming more and more serious, the Parents and Teacher’s Association (PIBG) of Sekolah Kebangsaan Betau decided to start a program to make a reservoir for cleaner and safer water.

The parents, teachers and even students only used shovels, bamboo and a bulldozer in an effort to dig the dam. The construction only took a mere one week to be completed. Coughs. Selangor, when will you? Coughs.

Source: Utusan Online

“These are the unsung heroes of Betau. Parents wholeheartedly collaborated with the teachers and students of SK Betau on building the dam in an effort to channel the water to school,” said a father who wanted to remain anonymous, as reported by Utusan.

The process of building the dam was not easy as the volunteers had to trek through the jungle, climbing the hills and wallowing in the muddy and mosquito-infested rainforest.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

However, the Pahang State Education Department has given a statement saying that the news of the school suffering from prolonged water problems was rather inaccurate. It said that the cause of the water interruption at the school was due to a construction project nearby.

“When the water pump that is shared with the project developer is at high intensity, the occurrence of technical problems appears as it fails to be fully functional,” said the director, Datuk Dr Tajuddin Mohd Yunus.

Living in a modern world with all kinds of technology, these kinds of problems should’ve already be resolved if we were to aim to be one of the most developed countries in the world. On that note, we should always be grateful for being able to access water as it is a commodity that is vital in the continuation of our lives by not wasting it.


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