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Nurse Shocked When Coma-Stricken BF is Admitted to Hospital with His Mistress



Nurse Discovers BF is Cheating After He Arrives in a Coma with Mistress - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Huffington Post
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Most of us spend our lives looking for our better halves and when we finally do, we hope that they would be ‘the one’. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as this lady in Tainan, Taiwan had the misfortune to find out the hard way.

Nurse Shockingly Discovers BF Has Mistress After He Arrives in a Coma - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

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According to a recent status posted on a Facebook page known as ‘Complain Boyfriend’, the Taiwanese lady who is a nurse related the ordeal of coincidentally finding out that her lover was in fact a love rat. 

She started off by explaining that she is a nurse working in one of the hospitals in Tainan during a night shift and had been messaging her boyfriend during this period. He would normally wish her goodnight before sleeping and that night was no different.

However, one hour after she received his goodnight message, her world turned upside down.

She wrote, “At that time the hospital received two car accident cases and to my shock, one of them was my boyfriend! He was already in a coma when he was brought in but the other patient who was together with him only suffered from some abrasions and was still conscious. That was his mistress.” Whut.

“Heartsick, I listened as the doctor asked his mistress how the accident happened and she told him that they were on their way to Kaohsiung for a short getaway when they got into an accident. All I could do was listen to her story while helping the doctor but inside, my heart was bleeding.”

Nurse Shockingly Discovers BF Has Mistress After He Arrives in a Coma - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Yahoo

“They were also using the same phone and wearing couple bracelets while the girl asked the doctor nervously, ‘Excuse me, how is my boyfriend doing?’. I watched as the mistress sat by my boyfriend’s bedside and cried. There were so many emotions I was feeling at that time.”

“We have been together for three years, I can’t believe that the first time I drew blood from you would be in such a situation, with a girl that I have never seen before in my life.”

The sad and angry girlfriend ends her post by saying that she wishes her (ex?) boyfriend would never wake up so that she wouldn’t have to listen to what he has to say. You need closure, girl! 

Support poured in from netizens who slammed the two-timing cheat and gave advice to the girl. They said, “God has eyes, he allowed you to see who this man really is”, “Just let him be, this man doesn’t deserve you anyway” and “This is karma on the guy, luckily you were not injured along with him.”

Never cheat, people! Karma’s a b*tch and can get you real hard!


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