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“No Phones & No Talking”, Company Allows Staff to Work Only 5 Hours A Day With These Conditions



This Company Allows Its Staff to Work ONLY 5 Hours A Day Provided They Don't Use Their Phones - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: FMT & Market Watch
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We’ve heard of many companies that tried the four-day work week to see if it increased productivity, and many of them showed positive results.

But instead of reducing the number of work days a week, this company decided to reduce the number of working hours every day!

Source: Vulcan Post

The company from Germany allows its employees to work ONLY five hours a day, provided that they give up their phones and keep small talk with their colleagues to a minimum.

Additionally, they can only check their emails twice a day while meetings are limited to 15 minutes or shorter.

According to Business Insider, the chief officer of the Bielefeld-based consulting firm, Rheingans Digital Enabler, said he implemented a shorter workday so that he could spend more time with his children. 

But in order for his company to run at the same efficiency in a smaller time frame, he requires them to put away their phones to ensure they are completely focused on their work.

We don’t know if this new implementation actually increased work efficiency among the employees, but I’m sure they’d take a five-hour work day without their phones over prolonged hours at the office anytime.

Which would you pick? Five hours of work a day with no phone, or nine or more hours of work a day with your phone?


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