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No More Parking Tickets in Sunway Pyramid As They Will Scan Your License Plate Instead!



Sunway Pyramid First Mall To Do Away With Parking Tickets, To Use Number Plates Instead - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Sunway Pyramid made history as one of the first malls in Malaysia to implement the parking guidance system, which indicates the availability of a parking lot with green or red light a good 10 years ago.

Now, they’re attempting to outshine themselves by being the first mall in Malaysia to completely do away with parking tickets by registering vehicles into their parking lot based on number plates. The system has been in the testing phases for almost a year now and will be up and running to the public soon enough.

In a video posted on the Sunway Pyramid Facebook page, the management showcases who the system works, only taking seconds to scan a number plate which makes it seem as smooth as a SmartTag tool booth.

#NowTesting: Carpark License Plate Recognition System!

Lion has some exciting news!!! Imagine being able to drive into the carpark, without the need to take a carpark ticket or parking access card… 😱Simply by scanning the vehicle license plate, you can enter! ⚡Right now, Lion and friends are conducting this license plate recognition system pilot test for selected users in the mall’s carpark to help improve traffic flow.Do stay tuned for more updates once the pilot test is complete!

Posted by Sunway Pyramid on Sunday, November 25, 2018

It is still unclear as to how payment is made, but we’re guessing it could either be via an autopay machine where you key in your number plate, or via a mobile app where you would need to top up an e-wallet.

So, gone will be the days where you’d have to pay an additional penalty for losing your parking ticket, or tailgate another car out of the parking lot if you’d rather not pay the lost ticket fees.

We’re also hoping this means no more super long exit queues!

What do you guys think of Pyramid’s new parking system? Let us know in the comments section below!


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