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Netizens Outraged By Inconsiderate M’sian Family That Brought Their Dog Into Supermarket



Netizens Are Outraged At Inconsiderate Family Who Placed Dog In Supermarket Trolley - World Of Buzz
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Living in a multiracial, multicultural, and multi-religion country, it’s a norm to be sensitive to other people’s beliefs.

So can you imagine how upset the whole of Malaysia is after a family decided to place their pet dog inside a supermarket trolley?

Pictures of this family and their dog in a trolley recently went viral. The pictures were posted on 26th January, 2017 by a Facebook page called We Are Malaysians.

According to them, the incident took place in Aeon Bukit Tinggi, Klang.

And the worst thing in this whole situation was, the dog actually urinated while it was in the trolley!

The pet’s pee dripped through the metal trolley and made a mess on the floor. But instead of cleaning it up, they just walked away!

As the pictures went viral, many Malaysians reacted negatively to the incident. Instead of bringing in the topic of race or religion, these netizens commented based on the lack of common sense and public decency of the pet dog owner.

“This is not about respecting one’s religion or not. This is about hygiene! There are food there. It doesn’t matter if it were a dog, cat, or even lion, they shouldn’t be brought in.”

“It is not the race that is stupid. It is just these people are brainless.”

But of course, whether your pet is clean or not, at least be considerate about the others! Let’s keep Malaysia a wonderful and civilised country. 🙂

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