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Netizens Angered By Three M’sian Youngsters Who Selfishly Hogged LRT Seats



Source: Twitter

Seat hoggers in public transportation are quite common in Malaysia. Even though plenty of public service announcements had been made, seat hoggers still choose to ignore them whenever they use public transportation.

In recent news, pictures of three young boys dominating more than one seat with their legs in the LRT (Light Rail Transit) went viral as they ignored the other passengers on the train. Besides that, one picture also showed one boy sitting with his feet on the seat. Well, that isn’t right! 

The Reporter wrote that the pictures were made viral through Twitter with the caption “Your father’s LRT (LRT abah kau punya)“.

Source: Twitter

At the time of writing, the post had already garnered 11,443 retweets and 3,803 likes on Twitter. As the post gained attention from netizens, some people questioned the Twitter user who posted the pictures of the seat hoggers for not saying anything to the boys.

Source: Twitter

However, he said that he could only afford to take pictures and upload them to Twitter because he was afraid for his safety if he were to reprove the boys.

He was quoted as saying,

“I’m afraid that I might be thrashed (by them) because I could tell that these guys are thugs.”

Do you think he should have said something? 

Source: Twitter

As expected, many netizens were not pleased with the seat hoggers. One netizen said that it’s very hard for Malaysia to progress if this is the mentality of our youngsters. True that.

Source: Twitter

Another netizen called out the boy who had his feet on the seat. She pointed out that although it may seem like there are fewer people on the train, manners shouldn’t be forgotten. Manners maketh man. 

Source: Twitter

Several of them tagged MyRapid KL and urged them to take action to avoid incidents like this from happening again. Not only that, one even suggested for auxiliary police to inspect the LRT once in a while to avoid similar incidents.

Source: Twitter


Source: Twitter

Seat-hogging in public transportation is never okay guys, it’s unfair for the other passengers who are on that transport too. So, let us all be more courteous towards each other and not hog seats whenever we travel via public transportation. It’s not cool!


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