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Netizen Shares How JPN Staff Always Smiles at Customers, Compares Top Notch Service to Americans



Netizen Shares How JPN Staff Always Smiles at Customers, Compares Top Notch Service to Americans - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: Facebook
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Sometimes, government servants can be a little difficult but they are all not that bad because there are some staff who do all they can to provide the best service for the public. Just like this lady who works in the JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) office in Putrajaya!

A fellow netizen took to Facebook to show her appreciation towards the nice lady, Shemlah Grace for her excellent service. In her Facebook post, she wrote,

“Several days back, my husband and I went to JPN in Putrajaya to change my IC (Identification Card). As usual, I took the number and waited to be called to verify my old card as well as to fill up a form to change address in my IC.”

Source: Facebook

After that, she proceeded to take some photos for her new IC. The netizen then continued,

“While I was waiting for my IC to be done, my husband and I chatted about the counter service. The lady at the counter was nice and amazing.”

Not only that, the netizen mentioned that Shemlah managed to get her IC done in less than 40 minutes. Whoa, so fast! 

She further explained that she enjoyed Shemlah’s service a lot because she greets her customers with a wide and welcoming smile across her face. The netizen pointed out that Shemlah’s work ethics were on-par with the service she got when she was living in the US.

Source: Facebook

On the other hand, a Facebook page called Kelab Bahagian Kad Pengenalan JPNM Putrajaya congratulated Shemlah on a job well done and they also urged all civil servants, especially JPN staff, to emulate her work ethics. She’s a good role model! 

You can read the whole post here

Following that, many netizens praised Shemlah for her friendly work ethics and agreed that the service in Putrajaya is very good. Here are some of their comments:

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, Shemlah has responded to the viral post by thanking the netizen for making her day. You deserve all the praises, Shemlah! 

The netizen then took the opportunity to thank her again for her exceptional service which was on-par with the “American standard counter service”. You can read the comments below: 

Source: Facebook

Well, we hope that Shemlah continues to provide top-notch service to her customers and we wish that she will have a successful career in JPN. All the best, Shemlah!

Have you experienced excellent service which is similar to the one mentioned above? Share your story with us in the comments section!


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