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Netizen Exposes Toxic Mindset of Some Malaysians That Ridicule Another Person’s English



Netizen Slams Comments That Ridicule Another Person's Attempt To Use English - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
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Languages are not exclusively about communication. Languages convey ideologies, thoughts, images, and even poetics. There is nothing wrong learning a language other than your own, what more if said language is English.

However, in Malaysia, it is a different story altogether.

Ask anyone who has attempted to converse in English, especially in a Bahasa Malaysia setting. Most probably, that person will be met with a comment asking them to converse in Bahasa Malaysia instead of using English.

Addressing the issue, one netizen expressed his disappointment at the attitude of these people.

Commenting on an original tweet which writes, “It is because of people like this, some are unwilling to converse in English.”

The tweet, which also included a screenshot of comments on Twitter, drew the attention of @shfqirfn to the matter.

He writes, “This is pure evil. People are taking their brave baby steps to converse in English. But then these people are dragging them down.”

“Everyone is learning, people. There is no reason for you to be that rude.”

The image in question is a screenshot of a netizen posing the question as to whether or not the MUET (Malaysian University English Test) is easy to take.

Hello. Do MUET easy or not? (Is MUET easy?) – Do MUET? Susahlah nampaknya (It is hard I guess).”

One of the commenters to the post gave her opinion on the matter – in English.

She writes, “For me it is neither easy nor hard. The main point is you have to do a lot of homework.”

“I’m personally got band 4 for MUET. Lot of my friends got band 6.”

The problem began when another netizen began to go on the offensive, commenting on the netizen’s English and she only deserves a band 4 because her English is poor.

“That’s why she got band 4. Don’t blame her!”

Clearly a grammar Nazi wannabe, the netizen’s comment did not go down well with others who felt that everyone should be given the opportunity to practise their English – without being judged nor humiliated like that.


Source: Twitter

“There is nothing wrong with having wrong grammar. You should try to educate, not ridicule.”

“You are not the only one with a band 6 in MUET.”

When it comes to learning something new, we should all work together and help one another improve no matter how small our contribution may be.

Everyone has their own unique reasons for wanting to learn another language. But while the reasons may be different, they can all be put into action in the same way: by not giving them reasons to stop learning, but instead to encourage and help them start speaking the language they’ve always wanted to learn.

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