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Netizen Calls For Racist Boycott Of 99Speedmart, Gets Slammed On Twitter



Netizen Calls For Boycott Of 99Speedmart, Gets Slammed On Twitter - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter
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The call by certain parties to boycott Malaysian business borderlines irrational and is, frankly, a bit dumb.

Taking to Twitter, @CenPolo slammed a post made by a disgruntled netizen who urged Malays to boycott 99Speedmart for racist and political reasons.

In his post, @CenPolo wrote,

“The owner of 99Speedmart who has special needs, used his own savings to start a business which began from a single store to 900 branches nationwide.

You, a person who is abled, sought to coerce people into boycotting his business?

What kind of Islam are you following?”

Source: Twitter

The response came after a netizen posted an image and a caption stating, “Place priority on Muslim-owned businesses. Help Muslims first.”

“99Speedmart is a DAP owned business. Let’s boycott.”

Netizens responding to the tweet slammed the original posting calling for the boycott.

Source: Twitter

One wrote, “The owner of 99Speedmart has helped the Malays by giving them job opportunities.” 

“I wonder how many jobs have the ones calling for a boycott given to the Malays?”

Source: Twitter

Another wrote, “Loss for words. There are still people who think like this.”

“Using race and religion. What is your contribution to the Malays? Zero, but adept at sedition.”

It is time Malaysians learn that using race or religion to support your agendas will have ugly repercussions on not only the individual but will others around them.

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