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Najib is Hosting His Own Raya Open House at the Same Time as Dr M’s on June 15



Source: The Rakyat Post
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It has been an annual tradition where the prime minister holds an open house every Raya for Malaysians to attend and feast on all the sedap food. This was seen in the previous years since 2009, where former prime minister Najib Razak and his cabinet ministers would invite all Malaysians to dine with him at Seri Perdana, the prime minister’s official residence.

Source: The Star

Since he is no longer prime minister, this hosting privilege has been passed on to our current Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir, who IS in fact, holding an open house this Friday (June 15) at 10am! Are you going?

However, that is not stopping Najib from holding his own open house for Raya this year! Oohh more free food for us!

So, get your stomachs ready and go to there hungry as he is inviting all Malaysians to makan with him this Friday (15 June) as well in Pekan, Pahang, at his river-fronting Sri Kenangan residence starting at 10.30am.

According to Malaysia Kini, this open house will be conducted on a smaller scale in comparison with the one held last year at Taman Tasik Sultan Abu Bakar in Pekan, which gathered approximately 70,000 people. Less people means more food for us, right?

For the past nine years, Najib has been holding Raya open houses at Seri Perdana, which would usually be followed by Umno’s open house event at PWTC, and a final one in Pekan. The prime ministers before Najib traditionally held their Raya open houses at PWTC, which is also Umno’s headquarters.

However, there has been no indication that Umno will be holding any open house this year.

If you have a huge appetite and you love good food, you could possibly attend Najib’s open house right after Mahathir’s! But if you plan to go for only one, which open house would you go to?


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