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myBurgerLab is Opening Pizza & Bubble Tea Shops This Sept, Here’s What to Expect



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Source: Tiffin Food Court & mybobalab_malaysia | Instagram
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We’re sure everyone’s familiar with myBurgerLab, one of the most popular burger joints in the Klang Valley. Well, they’ve recently debuted their brand new ventures (a joint venture with Inside Scoop, Table and Apron, and Chocolate Concierge), My Pizza Lab and My Boba Lab at Tiffin Food Court, and they’re already allowing Malaysians to get a sneak peek of what they’re cooking up with their preview sessions this week

WORLD OF BUZZ spoke to myBurgerLab’s co-founder, Chin Ren Yi, who told us why they chose to debut their pizza and bubble tea at Tiffin.

“They’ve always been very supportive of us so whenever they ask, we’ll mobilise and do it. They’re very supportive of up and coming businesses so we like that a lot.”

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Source: Tiffin Food Court

As for how they came up with pizza and bubble tea, he said,

“Initially, we weren’t sure whether we wanted to do fried chicken, pizza, ice cream, or bubble tea. So, we had a GE14-style election to find out what our customers wanted, so they were the ones who zeroed in on pizza and bubble tea!”

We also asked him a few questions about this exciting new venture. So, here are a few things you (and your tummies) can expect from these two highly-anticipated new food joints from everyone’s favourite burger place!


1. Non-traditional pizzas that will take you on a gastronomic journey 

Pizza Lab & Boba Lab - WORLD OF BUZZ

Huat The Duck | Source: Tiffin Food Court

Chin tells us that My Pizza Lab will serve up pizzas that aren’t so run-of-the-mill, saying,

“For My Pizza Lab, most people asked us if it was Italian or New York style, but our answer is that it’s neither. This is because most of our pizzas don’t have tomato bases. We decided to move away from that because we wanted to showcase the bread and toppings more.”

“Our philosophy is about making food interesting. We want our food to taste different with every bite. If you’ve eaten our burgers, you’ll realise that they taste different if you eat them from back to front instead of front to back because our ingredients are distributed in a strategic way.”

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Mary’s Lamb | Source: Tiffin Food Court

“With our pizzas, our sauces are mayo and salsa-based, and they don’t cover the whole area. For example, one of our pizzas is cream spinach, and we add a line of pepper mayo near the crust, so when you finish each slice, you get a bit of spiciness at the end.”

As for which pizzas he would recommend, Chin said,

“This is hard because the 8 flavours we’ve already launched are all my new loves. If I had to choose, I think the cream spinach pizza with blue cheese (Popeye), along with Huat The Duck and Mary’s Lamb pizza. Those are crowd favourites.”


2. Guilt-free and environmentally friendly bubble tea

As for their bubble tea, Chin said that things were a little more tricky, but they wanted to emulate guilt-free bubble teas that were lighter. Two innovative flavours were previewed at this year’s Tiffin Food Court — Roasted Oolong Cheese Tea (Oolong tea with cheese foam on top) and Burnt Tiger Jasmine (Tea shaken with burnt rosemary, mixed with a little bit of Tiger beer).

“For boba, it’s a totally new territory for us. Our Boba Beer is something different.”

Pizza Lab & Boba Lab - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Burnt Tiger Jasmine | Source: Tiffin Food Court

“My ex-girlfriend is Taiwanese, so I’ve had my fair share of good bubble tea. Most of the bubble tea we get here can be a little heavy because it’s made with creamer that has a lot of additives, but in Taiwan it’s made with fresh milk.”

“We want to make our own boba with milk and different flavours. We’re still fine-tuning our bubble tea, and have done a round of testing with different people, so we’re looking for a good balance of flavours.”

On top of that, he added that they also want to go the environmentally-friendly route, as opposed to prioritising the “Instagram-worthiness” of their drinks.

“We want to serve guilt-free drinks, and we also hope to be one of the first Malaysian bubble tea outlets that sell drinks in paper cups that are biodegradable along with paper straws. Although it will be costly, we think we should do better for mother nature and we hope our customers also understand that.”


3. They are located right where myBurgerLab started

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Dear fellow Malaysians. . ✨🇲🇾✨ Today is a new Malaysia. What an amazing time to be alive to witness history in the making! Today is the day Malaysia will chalk another big achievement in it's history and we are all living it. Imagine that! . This is a fresh start for us all. It doesn't matter whatever political leaning we had before this, today we are one nation again, reborn with bigger hopes and a brighter future. We at mBL welcome this fresh new opportunity that this country has fought for with renewed positivity 💯 and hopefulness 🌈. And with that said, it'll be our honor to be open for service and serve YOU, our communities thru-out the long holiday week! Let us show you what the future has to offer through our warm hospitality and recharged positivity! . Malaysiaku Makmur, Malaysiaku Bahagia! ☺️

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If you’re worried that they’ll be opening My Pizza Lab and My Boba Lab in a remote and unfamiliar area, have no fear because they’re opening up right next to the O.G. myBurgerLab in Sea Park! Chin tells us,

“These new outlets will be right next to myBurgerLab Sea Park. They will be three separate stores in the same row. We thought that since a lot of people already come to our Sea Park outlet, we can test it on people we’re already serving and who already like what we do. I don’t think any other business can say that they have that opportunity.”


4. My Pizza Lab & My Boba Lab could expand to other areas 

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As for the future of My Pizza Lab and My Boba Lab, Chin tells us that it’s subject to how popular they are among customers. Plus, they might not only stick to pizza and bubble tea and could switch things up in the future.

“We thought if Boba Lab does well, we can open up in other areas. If not, we could change it into an ice cream place. The pizza place is designed to be modular, too. If it does well, we can expand to other areas or even swap it out and turn it into a fried chicken place.”

So, stoked to check this place out? Be sure to keep an eye on My Pizza Lab and My Boba Lab‘s Facebook pages for more updates!

Address: Next to myBurgerLab Sea Park (

Meanwhile, be sure to also check out Tiffin Food Court as this is running every Thursday to Sunday (5pm till late) throughout September!


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