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These Muscle Undershirts Are Probably The Answer to Most Men’s Problems



Muscle Undershirts Are Being Sold for Instant Hunk-Status - World Of Buzz
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Ripped abs and a well defined bicep are well admired by both genders alike. No girl won’t deny how attractive they can be, nor will any guy deny how good they’d look if they had Captain America-esque biceps. Probably unattainable right?

Look at these babies

Fear not! A stall in Bangkok Union Mall has been seen selling muscle undershirts, with strategically placed padding to accentuate the chest and biceps. Say hello to well defined abs and guns.


Just slide these tops underneath your everyday attire and wham bam ma’am – a sculpted bod. Consider yourself free from the gym! I guess you can say they are kinda like the man version of push up bras.


Now your packs will to impeccable. Haha geddit geddit? You may be surprised to find that it’s not only men who buy it for themselves, but it is also a fun gift from a lover or friends that you can laugh together about while looking good.

We aren’t too sure how open people are about these undershirts because some might call people out saying it’s fake. Then again, these foam padded shirts definitely do bring some definition to a man’s body and hey nothing wrong wanting to look better for the opposite sex  (or same sex, we don’t judge). #genderequality

In anyway, you do you bro.

Any thoughts men?

Steve loves it, don’t you Steve?


Maybe Bucky does

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