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‘Mum, Mum’, Little M’sian Boy Plays In Sand At Parents’ Grave, Calls Out To His Mother



Source: Facebook
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A lot of times, we take the people in front of us for granted.

We don’t realise what we may lose before it’s gone.

For one small boy, he lost his parents in a car accident and misses them dearly.

Azuan Shamsuddin took to his Facebook page to showcase his nephew, 2-year-old Arfan, playing in the sand of his parents’ gravesite and calling out to his mother.

Petang ni bawak pergi kubur abi dan ibu, suka seolah-olah nak bercakap dengan ibu. Bila cakap ibu kat sini dia pun duk…

Posted by Azuan Shamsuddin on Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Azuan wrote, “Brought him to visit his parents’ graves because he likes to talk to his mother. When we told him his mother was here, he called out to her, ‘mum, mum’. He doesn’t want to go home, he likes playing in the sand even though he doesn’t play with sand at home. It’s clear he misses them, he refused to leave even though I pulled his hand. We’ll come again, okay, Arfan?”

Source: Facebook

The little boy had sat down in between his parents’ graves and played with the sand.

Source: Facebook

The little boy now lives with his grandmother and visits his parents’ final resting place regularly.

We should see this as a reminder to always spend time and be there for the ones we love, for at any moment, it all can be taken away.

Azuan’s posting has since garnered over 816 shares.

Someone please hug this kid for me.


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