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M’sians Going to Cameron Highlands During CNY Can Expect Extra Congestion



Extra Congestion in Cameron Highlands is Expected During CNY, M'sians Are Advised to Obey Road Rules - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Every year, there’s bound to be bad traffic during festive seasons, especially on the eve when everyone balik kampung or goes for a vacay! This year however, it’s not any different. In fact, traffic is expected to be worse, especially for one particular holiday spot.

According to the Malay Mail, Cameron Highlands is predicted to experience extra congestion as Chinese New Year (CNY) is nearing. Looks like many Malaysians are in need of a holiday! 

In regards to that, the Cameron Highlands police have warned visitors to obey the road rules. Police Chief Deputy Superintendent, Hasadid A. Hamid said that more vehicles were expected to go through Cameron Highlands, especially in areas like Kea Farm, Brinchang town and Tanah Rata, on 16 and 17 February 2018.

You might want to avoid this area if you don’t like being stuck in traffic jams! 

“Most of these areas are located near the main road through Cameron Highlands. Thus, we ask road users not to park their vehicles on the shoulder of the road as this will cause more congestion,” said Hasadid.

M'sians are Expected to Obey Road Rules When Going Up Cameron Highlands to Avoid Congestion - WORLD OF BUZZ

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He had also advised motorists to obey the road rules especially the speed limits. Not only that, he added that we should avoid cutting ahead of traffic queues as it could make traffic worse. He further explained that the police will carry out total enforcement where zero tolerance will be given to those who break the road rules. Don’t play-play ah, guys! 

In the meantime, he also advised all first-time visitors to the famous holiday spot to be aware of traffic signs, especially the one-way road signs.

“The roads have been turned into one-way routes to smoothen the traffic flow. Tourists or locals are not allowed to ride or drive their vehicles against the traffic flow as this will increase the risk of accidents,” he said.

Extra Congestion in Cameron Highlands is Expected During CNY, M'sians - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

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He further added that all holiday convoys, which includes motorcycle convoys, are also expected to abide by the laws.

“No marshall services are allowed to escort vehicles or hold other vehicles up. We ask road users to follow the rules and reduce congestion and accidents in Cameron Highlands this Chinese New Year,” he explained.

So, if you’re taking a short vacay to Camerons, remember to obey the road rules or you could get into serious trouble! Also, if you really can’t tahan bad traffic, then you might want to avoid going to Camerons altogether. Stay safe, guys! 


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