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M’sians Cheat Locals RM1.7 Million in Singapore’s Largest Scam of the Year



Msians Trick Locals into Transferring RM1.7 Million in Singapores Largest Scam of the Year - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Malay Mail
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For the past few years, Malaysia has been infamously known for the biggest money scandal in the world. While we have only been able to redeem ourselves in the eyes of other nations only about a month ago, now, other Malaysians continue to paint us in a bad light when it comes to money scams. *facepalm*

Two Malaysian men were arrested yesterday (June 5), for scamming Singaporeans into sending them money worth S$590,000 (RM1.75 million). This is reportedly the highest amount seized by the Singapore police so far for such cases.

According to Malay Mail, the two unemployed men aged 18 and 33, had impersonated police officials from China through phone calls and dishonestly received the money from their victims. They will be charged in court today (June 6), said the police in a press conference.

The 18-year-old is a permanent resident in Singapore who has plans to further his studies in the country, while the 33-year-old is in Singapore on a social visit pass.

Earlier, the same suspects were charged in court on Saturday (June 2). This was right after a 51-year-old Singaporean called the police after she transferred S$100,000 (about RM300,000) to a bank account. Another woman, a 55-year-old housewife also fell victim to their cunning act and was tricked into sending over S$310,000 (RM927,000) to an unknown man over two days. 

The two men in the two similar cases, claiming to be the police over the phone, had deceived the two victims into believing that they were allegedly involved in a transnational money laundering crime. They successfully cheated them into withdrawing their savings for investigations.

Stacks of money in S$50 and S$100 denominations, a banknote counter, a hard disk consisting of CCTV footage belonging to the suspects, and two mobile phones were seized and displayed at the press conference.

Source: Malay Mail

Director of the police’s Commercial Affairs Department, David Chew, said that the number of victims in scams have increased twice the amount in the period of January to April compared to the same period in 2017, reported Channel News Asia.

He added that scams are a “serious crime concern” but are “very preventable”.

“These scams involve well organised overseas syndicates who use automated phone calls and call-spoofing technology, as well as social media messaging platforms to target their victims,” he said.

“The police reminds members of the public that if the caller claims to be a foreign government official demanding money from you, you are advised to ignore their demands as this is in all likelihood a scam.”

“While the police are determined to disrupt or dismantle these syndicates and their network of money mules, it is also important that members of the public protect themselves and their loved ones from becoming a victim of these scams.”

You heard the police, do not entertain calls from foreign government officials! And make sure to hang up once they ask for money. Confirm tipu one!


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