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M’sians Are Buying Hamsters For Luck on CNY, NGO Fears They’ll Be Abandoned After



Hamster Sales Increases For Chinese New Year & SPCA Advised On Responsible Care - WORLD OF BUZZ
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As we have said goodbye to 2019 and now prepare to walk into Year of the Rat, we might have seen this one thing coming. The sales of hamsters going up.

Yep, Malay Mail has reported that as Chinese New Year closes in us, some pet shops in Malaysia noticed increases in hamster sales. That’s because some people are buying these rodents for luck and prosperity in the Year of the Rat.

Although hamsters aren’t really rats, technically they fall under the same category of rodents. Also, I’m pretty sure not many would want rats as pets, so…

In addition, this issue comes with a major concern. Dr Edwin Singam, the vice-president of SPCA Johor Baru, advised first-time owners to be responsible for the little rodents and avoid getting one for the sake of hopping on the trend.

He mentioned that a few years ago during Year of the Dog, many people went and adopted dogs only to leave them on the streets or give them away after finishing celebrating. He added that those who wished to get hamsters should only do so if they really want to care for it.

A pet shop owner in JB said there were customers who were curious and came into the shop to seek advice and suggestions from him. He also reminded the customers to double-check their research on the rodent’s routines and diets to ensure their safety and health.

Customers should never buy animals just for the sake of a trend. Owning pets is a big commitment, and if you think you’re not ready for that, let’s just adore them as we walk past pet shops.

Anyhow, getting a hamster or not, we wish you a happy Chinese New Year and wish for prosperity in health and wealth to everyone for the rest of the year!


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