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M’sian Woman Warns and Exposes Popular Company For Disappearing With Customers’ Deposit



M'sian Woman Exposes Famous Company For Disappearing With Customers' Deposit [Pending Update] - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
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Earlier today (21st March), a reader named Michelle reached out to WORLD OF BUZZ after she and other victims were conned by a company specialising in grill installations.

Here’s what she had to say.

“I was scammed by this company called Zapwerk. Last month, they sent a couple of guys over to measure my back door grill and they explained the process involved with the installation. I was required to pay 70 per cent of the installation fee as deposit, which I did.”

However, nothing was done after a month and when Michelle pressed on, the company said that the installation was still in progress. Suddenly, they stopped responding to her enquiries and vanished along with her deposit.

“As of last week, they have completely disappeared and have not been answering calls. They have deleted their Facebook account, online information, and whatever trails that might lead to them.”

“Unbelievably, they even have a billboard located on the Federal Highway. I believe there are a lot of victims of this scam.”

“Apparently he is also the CEO of Mega Food Festival – Mohd Izrul Hanafiah and had (allegedly) scammed 30 vendors before, in which he collected RM1,000 from each of them. The vendors even took him to the police station but he’s still walking around free.”

Clearly, Michelle wasn’t the only victim as many netizens who suffered the same fate have since messaged her regarding their encounter.

Based on the screenshots provided by Michelle, six victims from Bukit Jalil were scammed of RM10,000 and another married couple was cheated RM1,400 by Zapwerk.

In fact, she was told that the culprit will be fleeing overseas by the end of this month.

To prevent that from happening, Michelle is urging all the victims to step forward and lodge a police report so that this case will be taken seriously by the authorities. She has also provided some information that could come in handy for anyone who would want to lodge a police report.

Here are some of the culprit’s details:

Name: Mohd Izrul Bin Mohd Hanafiah
IC: 830711-10-5099
Company Name: MIH Venture Holding Sdn Bhd (1225135-V)

It is understood that Michelle has lodged reports to the police, the National Consumer Complaints Centre (NCCC), as well as through e-Tribunal.

M'sian Woman Exposes Famous Company For Disappearing With Customers' Deposit [Pending Update] - WORLD OF BUZZ

If you’re one of the victims who has been conned by Zapwerk, please don’t let the culprit slip away by keeping silent. Good luck with the hearing at the tribunal, Michelle! 


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