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M’sian Woman Buys Surprise B’day Cake For Younger Sister, Kena Ragut & Injured On The Way Back



Source: Twitter
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Siblings may fight and argue with each other, but it can’t be denied that they always have each other’s backs. The bond between and older sister and younger sister is a special one.

This loving sister wanted to make her little sister’s 16th birthday a memorable one. So, a young Malaysian woman decided to buy a cake for her younger sibling’s birthday.

According to mStar, Yasmin Rasyidah Abdul Rashid (age 20) and her friend, Masliana Kamaludin (age 21) took a motorcycle to a cake shop near her house. While they were on the way home after buying the cake, an unexpected tragedy struck them.

Yasmin and her friend became victims of a ragut incident on 6th August (Tuesday) in Cheras, SelangorShe described the accident in a tweet and netizens found it shocking. The tweet has garnered about 3.2K retweets so far.

M'sian Woman Buys Surprise B'day Cake For Younger Sister, Ends Up Kena Ragut & Injured On The Way Back - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Twitter

“We fell from the motor today because of snatch theft,” Yasmin wrote in her tweet. The culprit pulled her bag until they were dragged far on the road.

“That morning, I thought of taking the car. But after that, my friend and I decided to take the motor because we didn’t want to get stuck in the jam,” she told mStar.

“I wanted to surprise my younger sister after she came back from school. The plan was just a small surprise. Sadly the chocolate cake I bought was destroyed.”

Source: mStar

Yasmin said that she was upset and felt bad. “I was sad but luckily she (younger sister) understood,” she added.

Her younger sister even said to her, “Pity Kak Long, you kena ragut because you wanted to celebrate my birthday.”

She and her friend sustained injuries on their shoulders, arms, the palm of their hands, and legs.


Source: Twitter

She added that the culprit tried to snatch her friend’s backpack but didn’t manage to, which caused them to be dragged on the road.

Yasmin’s family was shocked when they found out about the incident.

“My mother was shocked because before this, my cousin’s brother passed away after a collision with a truck. She’s still traumatised. Even my aunt at the kampung was crying,” she said.

M'sian Woman Buys Surprise B'day Cake For Younger Sister, Ends Up Kena Ragut & Injured On The Way Back - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Twitter

“I also felt guilty because I was the one who invited my friend along to buy the cake, which caused her to be injured also,” she added.

Yasmin wishes for the culprit to turn over a new leaf after this.

“Don’t burden other people. If the victim dies, won’t you feel guilty?” she questioned.

In her tweet, Yasmin also advised motorcycle riders to wear their helmets even when travelling nearby and to wear shoes instead of slippers.

It is incredibly fortunate that no one was seriously hurt in this incident. Snatch theft crimes can sometimes end up really badly and it’s incredibly scary.

Hopefully, the culprit will either turn over a new leaf or the police will apprehend the suspect soon.


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