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M’sian Teachers Find Pet Rabbits Dead In Tadika’s Mini-Farm & One Even Had Its Ears Cut Off



M'sian Teachers Find Pet Rabbits Dead In Tadika's Mini-Farm & One Even Had Its Ears Cut Off - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook
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Listen to this post:

This is sad! 😥

A netizen shared the tragic demise of several furry rabbits in a local kindergarten, and we can’t figure out how or why someone could be heartless enough to do such a thing!

In a Facebook post, the netizen shared that she and a group of teachers found that the colony of rabbits in their pre-school’s mini-farm were dead. She woefully wrote,

“I wonder who’s work is this? This is an act of a cruel human being. Innocent animals are made into victims.”

Source: Facebook

The teacher further revealed that one rabbit had gotten away, while they found another with its ear cut off. Following that, she begged people to never take out their rage on innocent beings like the poor rabbits. She’s right! 

After the post went viral, many people pitied the fate of the furry animals and thought that it was very cruel of the person to do such a heinous act.

However, one netizen pointed out that this could very well be the act of a dog, but the teacher was quick to point out a dog wasn’t the culprit.

Posted by Eykin Kassim on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Source: Facebook

In a different Facebook post, she said that it couldn’t possibly have been a dog because the sides of the fencing were cut off. Not only that, but she elaborated that the gates of the mini-farm were always closed and never opened.

At the time of writing, the teacher revealed that a police report has been lodged, and she is waiting for an action to be taken. We hope that the police will quickly nab the perpetrator! 

Source: Facebook

It’s very unacceptable to treat animals cruelly because they can’t fend for themselves, especially prey animals like rabbits. That said, you can report animal abuse to the police if you are to encounter anything of the sort.


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