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M’sian Shares Horrifying Moment She was Almost Kidnapped After Nurin Jazlin Went Missing



Source: Twitter / Magick River
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This is chilling!

A Malaysian shared how she almost suffered the tragic fate of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, who was found dead in a sports bag in 2007, wrote Lobak Merah. FYI, this month (August) marks the anniversary of Nur Jazlin’s disappearance. 

The girl shared how she was almost abducted by a man who asked for her help to feed a cat. In a Twitter thread, Eva Natasha wrote,

“I was nearly one of the victims after the late Nurin Jazlin went missing. I believe she was still alive at that point in time. A man approached me and asked me for help to feed a cat. I was eleven at that time.”

During that time, Eva wasn’t accompanied by an adult and she had just gotten back from the night market. She almost said yes because Eva loves cats but fortunately, she decided not to go with the man because she remembered something important – Doraemon. 

Source: Magick River

Yep, Eva realised that she wanted to watch Doraemon instead of “helping” the man. However, the man didn’t take her rejection lightly, and he shouted: “If you don’t want to help, you could’ve just said it.”

The netizen was very scared after the man started shouting and quickly made her way back home. Even though she hesitated for a little while because she was trying to process the whole ordeal, Eva eventually told her mum about the incident. The mum did what any worried parent would do – she lodged a police report. Eva further wrote,

“I didn’t attend school for a week because I was helping out with the Nurin Jazlin case.”

Eva said that she had to help the police in identifying the criminal. Not only that, but she also had to follow the police to the Wangsa Maju night market (where Nurin Jazlin went missing) to help locate the man. A few days later, the news came up and the “Cat Guy” appeared on the television as well as Eva – the lucky girl who managed to escape a tragedy.

Source: Twitter

After her case, Eva wrote that Sharlinie, another suspected victim, went missing around Taman Petaling Jaya. Following that, Nurin Jazlin’s body was found and Eva felt very sorry that she couldn’t save the poor girl. It’s ok, Eva, you tried your best. 

At last, Eva wrote that she still remembered the day she met that man.

“I still remember his face and his appearance,” she shared.

According to her, he sported glasses, a white shirt and quarter pants. His hair was combed neatly to the side and he was holding a red plastic bag filled cat food.

Source: Twitter

Nevertheless, Eva elaborated that he may have actually wanted her to help to feed a cat but she was still suspicious. This is because the area which the man called Eva to feed the cat was dark and filled with trees. She said that it wasn’t logical to ask her to help feed a cat there. True! 

Well, we’re glad that Eva managed to dodge a bullet and avoid suffering the same fate as Nurin Jazlin and the other missing kids. Luckily, she remembered that she needed to watch Doraemon on that day! 


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