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M’sian Shares Heartfelt Letter His Maid Gave Him Just Before He Left For College



College Student Shares Heartbreaking Let - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter & The HK Hub
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Many Malaysians have a third parent who is not often recognized and appreciated. Malaysian households employ nearly 320,000 foreign maids, as according to Facts and Details, many of whom also help raise the kids of the house along with their cleaning and cooking duties.

Sometimes, we don’t really consider that they too can get just as attached to these children as birth parents do when you remember that some of them have been there since these kids were babies, so imagine how they feel once these kids have grown up and are leaving the nest.

CAPTAIN NOBODY (@FizIrshad_) took to Twitter to share his story of how his Bibik (Indonesian term for auntie, more commonly used to address Indonesian maids in Malaysia) had left him a letter the day before he left his home to further his studies.

The letter goes,

“Assalamualaikum, I’m sorry Hafiz, Bibik could not get you anything. Bibik’s advice to you is to not disappoint your elders. Bibik prays for only the best for you, to always be healthy, to easily receive blessings, to live long, to be successful, to reach your ambitions, and for everything you’ve always and will ever want. Amin. I’m sorry, Hafiz, if Bibik has ever said anything wrong.”

This post garnered over, touching

Some netizens took this opportunity to share their memories of their Bibiks.

Source: Twitter

This comment reads, “I had a Bibik that took care of me when I was 4 to 6-years-old. She left (since my mum retired) but she moved to my aunt’s house. When I met her after a long time of not seeing her for about 1 year, she said that ‘You’re so big now’. I cried while hugging her, I still miss her.”

Source: Twitter

This one goes, “I miss my Bibik, who was always understanding no matter the situation.”

Source: Twitter

This comment goes, “To be honest, sometimes my Bibik seems to know me better compared to my mother. For example favourite foods, clothes, etc.”

Most of the time, these Bibiks leave their families and kids behind to serve as a maid in another country in order to earn better wages and send money back home. They probably miss their loved ones and probably their only wish is to have a good employer who will not mistreat them.

Hence, it’s important that we treat them how we would like to be treated.

Source: Twitter

CAPTAIN NOBODY’s post has since garnered over 10,200 retweets.

Thank you, Bibiks, for taking care of us. (p.s. I never actually had a Bibik but still, thank you.)


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