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M’sian Patient Still Gets Treated Despite Beating Up Medical Assistant Till He Bled



M'sian Patient Still Gets Treated Despite Beating Up Medical Assistant Till He Bled - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook &FreeMalaysiaToday
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Let us just clear something up here – hospital staffs, doctors, nurses, medical assistants, pharmacists, cleaners don’t get the credit and recognition they deserve. Having to deal with patients, some of whom are just… not nice, is stressful and tiring. As patients, the bare minimum we could do is to be polite to those people who are saving our lives. Unfortunately, this doctor’s encounter proves that there are far too many who dont.

Dr. Alzamani Mohammad Idrose posted on his Facebook about a patient that he encountered who was so impatient that he got physical and extremely violent with a Medical Assistant (MA).

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Posted by Alzamani Mohammad Idrose on Monday, November 25, 2019

The doctor first explained that for asthmatic patients, the Emergency Department has prepared a special lane where they have priority to be given nebulisers to stabilise them. This patient had already received his initial treatment and was waiting for the MA to give him his check-up. But, at the same time, there was another patient who was in a more serious condition that MA had to tend to first. The first patient got extremely impatient and started badgering the MA.

“How long?? How many minutes?? How many hours??”

When the MA returned, the patient had worked himself up into a rage. He thenput the MA in a headlock and punched his forehead till it was swollen and bleeding. Not content with that, he even removed the MA’s glasses and SMASHED them with his shoe.

The attack was stopped by the officers and doctors who were there. And apparently, when the auxiliary police arrived, the patient immediately switched and started talking politely.

Fortunately, a police report has been made and the patient’s details were recorded as well as in an incident report. What happened to the patient after that? He got his check-up as there was still some asthma “residue”.

He was given the nebuliser and treated until his asthma was cured. The patient is currently being questioned by the police and will have legal actions taken against him.

This! This is how we repay our medical staffs after they treat us. Even after we rudely react to their services, they still have to provide their best service for us. Have we lost our humanity and compassion so much that acting with a little bit of empathy hurts us?


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