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M’sian Mother Tells Creepy Story Of How She Allegedly Breastfed A GHOST BABY At Night



M'sian Mother Tells Creepy Story Of How She Allegedly BREASTFED a 'Ghost' Baby At Night - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: China Daily &RedKingSinghTV
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Being a nation steeped in a mixed-bag of culture and history, you can expect Malaysians to share many different stories and beliefs together. Ask anybody of any race, and guarantee they will know about pocongpontianaktoyol, Chinese vampires, etc. We grew up with these stories after all!

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But how many of you can say that you have legitimately experienced a haunting encounter yourself? Especially one up close?

Well, a woman who posted her story of an eerie encounter to a Facebook group certainly wished she didn’t! According to the story, the anonymous woman said that one evening, she felt that her baby seems to have been more hungry than usual, as she had to breastfeed him multiple times during the day.

M'sian Mother Tells Creepy Story Of How She Allegedly Breastfed A GHOST BABY At Night - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Facebook

Awoken by her infant at 12am by loud crying, the woman got up and made her way over to her baby’s cot to feed her child, assuming that he was hungry. Despite feeding him, the infant didn’t stop crying, which she found to be odd as her baby would usually be full after one feeding. Once she set her baby down, the baby would continue to sob.

Source: China Daily

Worried that she wouldn’t have enough breast milk to keep feeding her hungry baby with throughout the night, she tried to feed her baby warm water but yet, that doesn’t seem to have done any good. The anonymous mother even tried to feed her baby with baby formula, but said that at the time, she couldn’t seem to find the feeding bottle. That’s suspicious. 

Sensing that something was amiss, the woman reached for her phone and tried playing recordings of religious prayer out loud. Oddly enough, this seemed to calm the baby enough for him to gradually fall asleep! But as soon as the recording ended, the baby wound up crying again.

Exhausted and sleepy, the mother who has soldiered on for so long trying to stop her baby from crying started to doze off. Turning to look over to her baby’s cot, she was horrified to find her own baby fast asleep in it! So whose baby is she holding in her own arms?!

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Source: YouTube

Even as she tried to detach herself from the ‘baby’, she was unable to do so.

“I wanted to let go of it, but I felt weak and I couldn’t move my body. So all I could do was keep praying.”

After a moment of continuous prayer, the ‘baby’ disappeared, melting away into the shadows. Fortunately, her own child did not suffer from any harm. The Facebook post has since been shared over 2.5k times.

We don’t know about you guys, but that story definitely sent a little chill up our spines. Imagine finding a ghost baby living with you!


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